Arkelex is at your side to anticipate changes to social legislation and to provide your team with appropriate training.

We train managers and staff on the legal framework and how it applies to the day-to-day work of their teams:

All of our training courses are prepared and run on a personalised basis, tailored to our customers’ needs.

  • General in-company/intra-team training in employment law throughout the year
  • Technical training for specific profiles: executives, corporate officers or team managers
  • Practical employment law for HR managers/payroll administrators
  • Training for employee representatives to ensure effective social dialogue

Examples of training courses:

  • Civil liability of company directors and managers
  • CSE budgets
  • The GDPR: Law and practice for your field managers
  • Legislation and case law updates
  • Outline and implementation of the non-discrimination obligation as part of a recruitment process

We provide our customers with regular legal and regulatory monitoring to keep them informed of the latest legal, regulatory and case law developments, and publish regularly in specialist journals.

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